I’ve been using this app for quite a while and it is very cool to meet people who share the same interest. This is not a dating app if you are thinking that way, but it connects people in real life.

I’ve been using this to find events and activities about tech and business topics. This is free and worth to try!

Homepage screenshots

Mobile App screenshots

What Meetup can do for you?

  • Share you tech expertise

Help others enjoy, learn and experience your skills and knowledge

  • Put your unique interest to work

Find people looking to pursue your passion, social cause or area of expertise

  • Make your passion your business

Quickly and easily build a following and new revenue

How Meetup differs from other social media platform?

Meetup can still be called as a social media platform but what I like about this one is that the people who created every community with specific topics are actively scheduling an event to meet and greet in reality. There is some advantage that you can grow and develop your personality by meeting new friends who share the same passion.

Point of View

Meeting people is one way of growing! It is good to explore with folks who share the same interest where you can learn. This app supports IOS and Android.