Webmaster these days are rarely being heard for those people who are working on a website. They are more likely called now as Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), web developer, blogger, vlogger, online marketer, or content creator. As part of our forte in web development and digital marketing services, we would like to share some of those helpful online resources that we use in working with your websites.


Paid digital marketing service but offers free account for a limited feature. It has a feature that you can use and test it yourself by just signing-up a free account and later can be upgraded if you want to use more tools. In SEMrush, you can look any domain quick overview like authority score, organic search traffic, backlinks, and keywords. More features like local SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing and more…. You can SEOquake browser plugins if you want to quickly gets an insight of every website you’re visiting.


Another paid digital marketing service that offers free account for some basic useful SEO metrics. Not complete as like SEMrush offers but has a solid features that can help a lot in creating assessment for a website. A free keyword explorer is very useful for targeting keyword suggestions on selected location. A data you can export CSV for link building research, smarter content ideation, and link prospecting. The plans have it own feature that fits for business digital marketing needs.

Google Search Console

A free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. A tool for Google search to help your website crawl, get index, and monitor the metrics. No matter if you are a digital marketer or a web developer, these tools are essential in getting your website rank, resolves and monitor site error, and security.

#Google Analytics

An analytic tool service by Google that track your website traffic, behavior, and performance. This is free, you just need to sign in your Google account, set up your website, and add the tracking code to your webpages. Play around, configure your dashboard, and you can easily track now your website performance.


A free tool for testing the speed of your website page load, analyzing and finding bottleneck. Cover 7 different server location to give you an option on which place you want to test the loading speed of your site. Provides score and suggestion on which part of your website has an issue for being slow. No need to create an account unless you want to purchase a plan that has an advanced monitoring features of your business.


Another free speed testing tool to see how your site performs. You need to create an account for an option to select a desired location. Analyzing your webpages structure for images sizes and script that makes it slow. Paid plan is available that provides innovative monitoring features.

#PageSpeed Insights

Another Google free tool to get an insight of your webpage speed. Analyze mobile and desktop separately to provide an accurate metrics. Gives opportunities and diagnostic report to fix those section that will make your website loading fast.

#Google Trends

To check for the latest keywords people are searching on the internet. Latest topics that are more surfer are interested into.


Discover what people are asking. This helps you brainstorm your ideas in creating a pages and articles that people are searching.

#ahrefs – SEO tools and resources

Has a free SEO tool for backlink checker, keyword generator, broken link checker, and more. Also has a WordPress plugin and browser extension you can use to check website SEO performance. Paid service that has a wide marketing tools available. Offers a 7 day trial for 7$