eSim card or Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. Same as anyone, I just started learning it when I replaced my 5 years old Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with iPhone 14 that was just given to me as a gift from my boss in the US. Hahaha, shame on me for being late in discovering this latest technology that is being offered only for Postpaid subscribers by Globe and Smart telco. Anyway, to help some of you in time when you need to switch eSIM in the future. I want to share my personal experiences on what are the steps to do it.

Let’s first understand eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded chip on your device, that can be activated by your supported network provider. No more physical plastic to be inserted in your mobile phone SIM slot.

Step by steps guide to apply for eSIM:

Since Globe and Smart network are just offering eSIM for Postpaid subscriber only.

1- Apply for Postpaid plan in two options:

– Go to your nearest network provider branch to submit your application together with your chosen plan and requirements, if needed.
For Globe store branch,
For Smart store branch,

– Submit an application online. Select your plan and upload requirements, if required.
For Globe website,
For Smart website,

2- You will receive an email for the status of your application, and once approved, they will send you the Postpaid SIM, together with the unit (if included) and some instructions.

3. Once you receive your SIM card, you need to go to the nearest telco branch to convert your physical SIM to eSIM. They will provide you with a printed QR code to be scanned by your mobile device for activation.

Needed before deciding to apply for eSIM,

  • Your mobile device is compatible for eSIM
  • Think if you want to use your old number or ok to have a new number for postpaid