Work online is what we are into these days. Some of you are working home-base providing support for companies, some are selling goods via Facebook or other social media platform, and some are into affiliates program.

An affiliate program is a digital marketing business where you are getting paid for sending visitors to their websites or getting commissions from products or services bought through your efforts.

Check out these websites I tested and proven that you will get some results for joining their affiliate program.

• Google Adsense

Owned by Google. One of the top affiliate programs in the business. You will get commissions for sending clicks and sales for the ads. Blogging is one of the ways on how you can monetize if you want to jump into this program. Signup, study the platform, get the code, and insert it to your blogs. 

• Youtube

Oh yeah, uploading your videos and get trending to Youtube pays. Since Youtube owns by Google these program is connected with Adsense. Upload your videos, apply for monetization, create or add your AdSense account, and wait for it to reach 4,000 watch hour and 1,000 subscribers. Upon reaching this threshold, your channel is automatically reviewed to make sure it complies with the YouTube Partner Program terms and our Community Guidelines. They will email you if your videos reached the requirements. Sounds hard if you are not into something like these types of campaign. 

•  JVZoo

Register as an affiliate, configure your profile including payment options, and you’re good to go to promote the products. They have a good update for high selling products and always giving insights on what are the tools you can use to help your marketing success. One thing I like with them is that they allow PayPal and Payoneer to be your payout option.

• Amazon

An e-commerce leader where they offer affiliates to send your visitor to there store to buy products that you put into your website. Tho, they are a bit strict in approving new associates you can give it a try if you already have an existing blog or website.

• eBay

Another e-commerce corporation you can signup to become a partner. Same with Amazon they allow you to send traffic and visitors to the store and you can get a commission for the goods bought using your linking codes.

• Clickbank

One of the oldest programs that lots of marketers already profited. Easy to signup and setup. They pay by check and direct deposit to your account. They create a good landing page for all the products available to there market place where you can send your visitors directly.

• FeaturePoints

This one is easy. You will be reward by completing a survey or downloading apps and you will earn points that have equivalent cash. You can do this using your laptop and mobile phone. Cashout your money via Paypal.

• CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

This one has made its reputation and has paid millions of affiliates worldwide. I’ve been affiliated with them for 5 years. The publishers on this site are very strict in approving affiliates, you need to have a good standing website before they can allow you to promote their products. As of now, they are not accepting new members so maybe can check the website later.

There are lots of websites that I never tried of but I will be updating this for the time being. Websites like: textbroker, iWriter, Amazon kindle direct publishing, Maxbounty, Legendary Marketer, Rakuten Marketing.

Point of View

Affiliate marketing is not a quick scheme to become a millionaire. You need to work hard for this before you can monetize. But if you get the rhyme and learn as you go along the way, it is a long term success to the road of your financial freedom.