I just purchased a Lenovo Legion Y520 a month ago which has a feature that you keep on plugged into AC while using it long hours without getting the battery over charge. The feature they call it “Conservation Mode” where you can enable using there lenovo vantage application. This mode when enabled, the battery will only be charged to 55-60% of capacity which will help battery lifespan maximized.

However, with the recent Windows update the feature disappeared and I ended up charging all the time when using long hours of work.



Here’s a patch I discover that can fix the issue easily…

First, download the patch from one of the following links. These links are the same, so you only need to download one. If one doesn’t work for you, then try the other:


Unzip the file to your drive (I recommend unzipping to C: ). Then:

1. Open a Command Prompt as administrator. This means: open start menu, type cmd, then right-click on “Command Prompt” and choosing the option “Run as Administrator”

2. change to the folder where you unzipped the file. (such as: cd \patch)

3. execute patch.bat

4. reboot

5. run Lenovo Vantage – is the problem fixed? If not, then close Lenovo Vantage and run it again.

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