There is a lot of free services that offer you to create your own website. We have facebook you can set up your business pages, Wix to create your own website and other online company that you can just register and you are good to go to make your pages. A lot of free option to get you started and you can upgrade for premium if you want to add more features and freedom for modification.

But why you still need to create your own website? Who are those people that needed it and what are the importance to your business?

Making your own website at your own domain name is part of your business branding. It is like putting yourself the ability to manipulate everything you need and what you want to display on your pages. Having your own hosting to make any configuration like unlimited email address using your business name, uploading promotional materials for sharing, setting up security, creating your pages in your chosen platform anytime you want. Here are some advantages I have in mind at the moment I created this post.

• Ownership of your business – using your business name on your domain name is the credibility of your business that it really exists.
• Business branding – having your business logo and other contents on your own website is part of branding.
• Freedom to manipulation – having your own hosting as part of your website has the freedom for anything you want to make and configure to your website.

Tho, it is not easy to own it considering the cost of buying your hosting and personal domain name. You must also have the skills or at least has basic knowledge on how everything works and what are those things needed to run it. Which of course if you will hire somebody to configure, there will be an additional cost for professional staff to do it.

That’s why mReoTech is here to offer our services to cut the costs. We will develop your website at a minimal cost without you any worry on what and where to start.

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